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Mo – Fr 8:00-17:00
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When contacting us by telephone, we ask you to keep your account number or shipment number to hand.

A DHL Express account number consists of 9 digits and starts with 414, 427, 95 or 96. A DHL Express shipment number consists of 10 digits.

If your account number consists of 8 digits, or if your shipment number is longer than 10 digits and it starts with 3S, JVGL, HL or C, then this is from DHL Parcel. Click here for the contact options with  DHL Parcel. 

When you call the DHL Express Hotline, select a topic to get information or assistance

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Order a pickup, get a quote

Prepare your customer or return label number

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Delivery status and management

Prepare your 10-digit shipment number

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Customs clearance status

Prepare your 10-digit shipment number

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Shipping solutions

Get help with MyDHL+

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Connecting with a consultant

Fast, easy global shipping

Below you will find a handful of useful links:

  • Offer for business

    Do you regularly send foreign shipments or import goods to Poland?
    Let’s talk about the benefits of opening a DHL Business Account.

  • Shipment tracking

    Check your shipment status on our webiste or call us.

    Manage delivery: On-Demand Delivery.

  • Get a quote

    The fastest way to find out the price and transit time of an international shipment is with MyDHL+. If you prefer to talk call us.

  • DHL locations

    Find nearest DHL location, where you can collect or drop-off an internqtional shipment.

  • Customs

    Do you have questions about customs? Use our website.  You can always submit your questions via the form or call us.

  • Online shipping

    MyDHL+ — rate your shipment, preapare documents and book a pickup.

Other contacts


Frequently asked questions and answers in the customer service category

If you would like to make a complaint about DHL Express service, you can contact us using the

  • contact form
  • contact us by phone

In the case of a complaint regarding an invoice, or receiving a duplicate invoice, create a request in the form.

If you receive a damaged international shipment, fill out the  Damage Report.

The protocol without a letter of complaint is not the basis for the initiation of complaint proceedings. The document does not require the signature of the courier. It is advisable to attach photos and send to the email address at

The case will be forwarded to the DHL Express unit in the country of the party who paid for the shipment. It is the DHL unit where the payment of the shipment took place that informs the payer of the damage to the shipment and his right to file a complaint.