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A wide range of customs services for export and import. Customs brokerage provided by international specialists for fast customs clearance!

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Non-routine customs clearance
Used in selected countries for the import of goods for which the total declared value or weight exceeds the values set by the Customs Office of the destination country, or due to other regulatory requirements where the goods are not covered by standard collective clearance procedures and require individual declaration. DHL Express will also apply a fee, if the Customer requests individual clearance when the shipment is eligible for collective declaration.
PLN 45 per shipment
Import customs duties and taxes
On behalf of the Customer, DHL will clear the shipment at the place of destination and will issue an invoice for any import duties, taxes and regulatory fees due. The remitter will be charged an additional fee based on a flat rate or percentage of customs duties and taxes.
2.5% of the value of customs duties and taxes, not less than PLN 69 per shipment
Broker notification
At the customer’s request, documents intended for customs clearance are forwarded to the broker indicated by the customer for the purpose of customs clearance. Once the shipment is cleared, DHL Express will deliver the shipment to its final destination. DHL Express will not be liable for the time it takes the broker to clear the shipment, for the timeliness of the submission of the documents for customs clearance or for the length of any given customs clearance procedure.
PLN 45 per shipment
Formal customs clearance
Used in selected countries for the import of goods for which the total declared value or weight exceeds the values set by the Customs Office of the destination country, or due to other regulatory requirements where the goods are not covered by standard collective clearance procedures and require individual declaration.
PLN 45 per shipment
This service involves the storage of a shipment in a DHL Express warehouse for more than three calendar days, counting from the day following the day of arrival. It is used when customs clearance is possible and further storage is due to the Customer’s decision or the fact of waiting for the Recipient / Importer to provide documents or information necessary for customs clearance and/or when, after customs clearance, the delivery together with payment of customs duties and taxes has been withheld at the Customer’s request. Holidays and weekends are counted as free for the purposes of storage.
PLN 23 per shipment and PLN 0.45 per kg per day
Transit under customs supervision
A customs supervised shipment occurs when DHL is asked to move non-documentary goods of foreign origin to a location other than a standard DHL gateway. Customs supervised transport usually takes place within a country or customs territory and is required prior to final customs clearance by the importer or designated broker. Customs supervised transport applies to both import and export shipments, whenever DHL is obliged to open, handle or declare any form of customs transit against its guarantee.
PLN 203 per shipment
Data correction for customs clearance
This service involves modifying/correcting/changing data for customs clearance based on information received from the importer or exporter. It is used before customs declaration in case of exchanging one invoice for another (in relation to the one originally enclosed with the shipment) and after customs declaration when data correction is made in the form of a request for correction of customs declaration.
PLN 226 per customs declaration
Post-clearance correction
DHL can correct the declared value, goods’ code, country of origin or commercial terms and conditions after the goods have been cleared for import in order to correct or clarify information previously sent to the customs office. Modifications are also necessary when import data, such as the VAT number, has been found to be incorrect in the declaration.
PLN 226 per customs declaration
Clearance of multiple items
On customer request, we deal with export declaration required for the issue of the IE599 document. This service is also used in the case of local laws in the country of shipment that require certain types of goods or goods exceeding a certain value or weight to be declared during export for customs purposes.
PLN 45 per shipment
Transfer to a broker
At the request of the shipper or importer, the shipment is transferred to a broker selected by the customer in accordance with customs requirements. DHL Express will not only forward the necessary documentation for customs clearance, but also the shipment to the broker’s designated location. The broker is in charge of delivering the shipment to the customer after customs clearance.
PLN 177 per shipment
Certificate of origin for export
Preparation, on behalf of the customer and at the customer’s expense, of a document confirming the origin of the goods based on the documents provided by the customer. Legalisation of the document at the local Customs Office. Typical examples are: EUR1, Form A, or ATR1.
PLN 23 per document
Authorisation for customs clearance
If the importer has explicitly requested to be contacted before the customs clearance process begins, DHL will contact the importer before the process begins in order to obtain clearance permission or to receive further instructions. This often helps to ensure that all documents needed for clearance are properly drawn up and complete.
PLN 45 per shipment
Permits and licences
In order to allow the import of selected controlled goods such as medical devices, pharmaceuticals, computer monitors, laser CD players, eyeglasses, DHL Express is required to submit the relevant information to obtain the required permits or licences. It is the obligation of the Importer to provide DHL Express with the formally required documents or licences.
PLN 90 per document
Initial shipment inspection
Initial revision of a shipment at the Customer’s request in order to be sure about the contents of the shipment.
PLN 90
Routine customs clearance
This service enables collective customs clearance of De Minimis import shipments with a low actual value (less than EUR 22) and export shipments with an actual value of up to EUR 1,000. De Minimis import courier shipments are exempt from customs duties and taxes.
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