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A wide range of customs services for export and import. Customs brokerage provided by international specialists for fast customs clearance!

Net Price
Non-routine entry
Applies when shipments are subject to non-routine clearance procedures, due to their value, weight and/or commodity as defined by destination Customs Authorities. May also apply in selected countries where DHL is legally obliged to outsource formal clearance entries to a licensed third party broker. DHL will also apply the fee if the customer requests individual entry form in the event that the shipment is eligible for clearance on the consolidated manifest (courier clearance).
PLN 200 per shipment
(PLN 246 gross charge)
Duty Tax Processing: Account Customers
DHL will accelerate the customs clearance process making prompt payment of duty and tax charges relating to a shipment, while the receiver defers payment until an agreed date.
2.5% of the value of customs duties and taxes, not less than PLN 69 per shipment ( 84.87 PLN gross charge)
Duty Tax Processing: Non-Account Customers
This default service covers any import of a non-document shipment for which DHL has used its own credit line with Customs to advance or guarantee the payment of duties, taxes or regulatory charges on behalf of importers and consumers with whom DHL has no contract.
2.5% of the value of customs duties and taxes, not less than PLN 69 per shipment ( 84.87 PLN gross charge)
Broker notification
At the customer’s request, documents intended for customs clearance are forwarded to the broker indicated by the customer for the purpose of customs clearance. Once the shipment is cleared, DHL Express will deliver the shipment to its final destination. DHL Express will not be liable for the time it takes the broker to clear the shipment, for the timeliness of the submission of the documents for customs clearance or for the length of any given customs clearance procedure.
PLN 54 per shipment
(66.42 PLN gross charge)
Export Declaration
On the client request, the export declaration required to issue the IE599 message. Applies also in countries where an export declaration is required for shipments containing controlled commodities or exceeding a certain value threshold or weight. Where automated export systems are available to the public, shippers may avoid the charge by submitting the export declaration online. In case of IMP billed shipments DHL will submit the export declaration in order to accelerate the export at origin and pass the charge to the payer’s account.
PLN 45 per shipment
(55.35 PLN gross charge)
Bonded Storage
Storage charges apply when the shipment cannot be released by Customs due to inaccurate/missing documents/information and/or other important reasons beyond DHL’s control affecting the time of customs clearance. Charges take effect three calendar days after the shipment arrival date. The day one we take into account, when calculating the time, is the shipment arrival day. The end of the charging period takes place when the operational activities to prepare the goods for delivery have been completed.
PLN 49 per shipment and 1.00 PLN per kg (60.27 PLN per shipment and 1.23 PLN per kg gross charge) both per day after three calendar days
Bonded Transit
Bonded Transit applies to both export and import shipments whenever DHL is required to open, manage or report any form of transfer under bond. At customer’s request, the transit of a shipment under customs bond. Can arise when delivering ship spares to a foreign ship at anchor, aircraft parts to an aircraft on ground or to a customer’s own bonded warehouse. Can apply also when shipments move domestically from/to a Free Trade Zone/Bonded Warehouse.
PLN 218 per shipment
(268.14 PLN gross charge)
Temporary Import Export
On customer request DHL facilitates the temporary import/ export of goods by submitting required documents such as an ATA Carnet and adhering to required clearance procedures as specified by Customs.
PLN 200 per shipment
(246 PLN gross charge)
Post Clearance Modification
DHL can modify the value, commodity, country of manufacture, or terms of trade information after the import clearance process for goods, to correct or elaborate on what was submitted previously to Customs. Modifications are also necessary when import details such as the VAT number are incorrect on the declaration.
PLN 242 per shipment
(297.66 PLN gross charge)
Multiline Entry Clearance
The clearance of a shipment with multiple commodities or multiple origins for the same commodity. Charges apply when more than 5 lines are recorded on the customs clearance, for example with different commodities or different countries of manufacture.The cost of this service is borne by the importer/ exporter, recipient/shipper in accordance with the authorisation given to the DHL Customs Agency.
PLN 23 per line after the 5th line
(28.29 PLN gross charge)
Release to Broker
On importer request, the release of a DHL shipment to the customers designated customs broker of choice. DHL will transfer the responsibility for a shipment and related customs documentation to the customers nominated broker for clearance and last mile delivery.
PLN 200 per shipment
(246 PLN gross charge)
Preferential Origin
On shipper request, the preparation or provision of a Certificate of Origin or other similar forms by DHL to certify the goods in a particular export shipment have been produced, manufactured or processed in a particular country allowing preferential rates of duty to be claimed at destination. Common examples are EUR1, Form A, ATR1.*
PLN 45 per shipment
(55.35 PLN gross charge)
Clearance Authorization
If the importer has explicitly requested to be contacted before the customs clearance process begins, DHL will contact the importer before the process begins in order to obtain clearance permission or to receive further instructions. This often helps to ensure that all documents needed for clearance are properly drawn up and complete.
PLN 45 per shipment
(55.35 PLN gross charge)
Permits and Licenses
In order to allow the import of selected controlled goods such as medical devices, pharmaceuticals, computer monitors, laser CD players, eyeglasses, DHL Express is required to submit the relevant information to obtain the required permits or licences. It is the obligation of the Importer to provide DHL Express with the formally required documents or licences.
PLN 200 per shipment
(246 PLN gross charge)
Physical Intervention
A surcharge applies for shipments being intercepted for physical examination by Customs Authorities. Arrangements for inspections may also include full or partial unloading of a vehicle; the specific marking of prototypes, mutilation of samples or the examination of shipment content.
PLN 97 per shipment
(119.31 PLN gross charge)
Clearance Processing
Applies in selected countries where additional cost is incurred for importing shipments in alignment with government agency requirements.
PLN 45 per shipment
(55.35 PLN gross charge)
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