Missed delivery? Redirect your shipment to a DHL Servicepoint.
Manage delivery
Missed delivery? More options

Tracking of international parcels

Tracking international shipments is easy! The fastest way to track your package is to use the DHL website. Enter the number of your tracked international shipment to get an estimated delivery date and current location.

Manage Delivery

Do you know you’re going to miss the courier? You can redirect your international shipment to the nearest DHL point and pick it up at a convenient time.

DHL Express App

With the DHL Express Mobile App you decide where and when the package will be delivered. Change the delivery and set your preference via On Demand Delivery. Better for delivery and better for the environment. That has been thought about.

Advanced tracking

DHL Proview is a solution for proactive shipment monitoring and parcel status notifications. Create custom report and notification templates. Functionality available in MyDHL+ for customers with a DHL account.

FAQ – tracking shipments

The electronic delivery confirmation will be available in the tracking results or in DHL Proview after delivery. To download it, enter your account number, phone number or zip code.

Goods sent from outside the European Union go through customs clearance in Poland regardless of the purpose for which they were sent (e.g. as a gift or samples). If any documents are required for import clearance, the recipient is contacted by our Customs Agency.
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Customs clearance

You can pick up shipments in person at our terminals and at external pick-up points.
To locate the nearest point, use the link provided to the recipient or contact our hotline.
In the case of pickup from a terminal, it is possible to issue an authorization to a third party, while at an external point the package can be received only by the person listed on the waybill by name.
You can also determine how and when to pick up your shipment yourself with On Demand Delivery.
Use link above to manage delivery or reach our advisors by selecting the number “2”, where the status of the shipment is available.